Himstedt Dolls from 2009 Doll Festival in Germany

January 28, 2010

A nice video of Eschwege 2009 which is biggest doll festival in Germany. Himstedt dolls are prominently featured which goes to show the high esteem in which Ms. Himstedt is held in her homeland.

Slowly but surely updating the archives..

September 17, 2009

So I have finished off the Himstedt dolls from 2003 pages and did a bit of work on the 2002 collection. Then I will only have the 2001 to start and finish as well as figuring out  the 2008 collection. After that is done, I will have to see if its worthwhile to update all the […]

A Summer Riddle

August 27, 2009

Question: How much work can somebody accomplish at home during the summer, when your children are at home and not attending school? Two boys aged 5 and 8, and one girl aged 3. Answer: Not very much at all. I am both happy and  embarrassed that I still have daily visitor to my Himstedt web […]

Welcome to the new website!

August 11, 2009

First of all, a big thank-you to the Himstedt doll fans who have visited this website over the last year. Your patronage has justified the time that has been put into this website, and makes the energy expended in boring webmaster stuff worthwhile. As you can see, we have totally revamped the site. We had […]