Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Buy Himstedt Dolls on Ebay

Welcome to the Ebay store that sells only dolls made by Annette Himstedt. Here we have listings of every Himstedt dolls that is available for sale in Ebay. Please browse through our store and see if the Himstedt dolls that you want is for sale.

Annette Himstedt is recognized as one of the world's premier doll designers. For the last twenty years, she has created dolls noted for their realism, their expressive faces and bodies, and their exquisite materials.

Annette Himstedt dolls have vinyl heads, arms and legs, with cloth bodies. Himstedt dolls are constructed so that they can bend at the hips, thus allowing the doll to either sit or stand. Annette says this about her passion: "I've always had a special inclination towards ethnic Children. I've always especially enjoyed making these types of dolls." 

Sadly, after 22 years of doll production, starting with her vinyl collection in 1986, Annette Himstedt has made the decision to cease production.

Annette Himstedt Exotic Matoka
Annette Himstedt Exotic Matoka
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